🦠 What does CoronaVirus feels like? Real Stories [CAUTION]

🦠 What does CoronaVirus feels like? Real Stories [CAUTION]

🦠 A First hand encounter with CoronaVirus – What does these infected person have to say, [it may send chills down your spine.]
 What does CoronaVirus feels like A First Hand Encounter
Leon Chase, Movie Person. Video Editor. Chronic Autodidact. New Yorker.  Source: Quora

[ Our motive of sharing this is to make you aware of the symptoms and how it feels like, so you can keep yourself protected]

Hi! Unlike a lot of people you’re hearing from on here, I have actually tested positive for Covid-19. I was most likely exposed on March 3rd, became ill about a week later, and just received my official test results today, March 17th.

Coronavirus feels like the most devastating flu I have ever had. Intense bouts of fever, alternating with the kind of chills that, even with three sweaters on, make your teeth chatter uncontrollably. I’m “lucky”, relatively speaking, because my temperature never went higher than 102 degrees Fahrenheit, but even then, it felt like my body was burning up. Plus, a general feeling in my head that I can only describe as “heavy” or “flu-ish” that makes every movement and activity feel like a massive chore.

A few days later, I developed a very annoying dry cough. But again, I am lucky because there have been no chest pains or breathing problems, which would be a reason to be hospitalized.

My appetite has been nearly nonexistent—I am normally a big eater, and it’s only been in the past couple days that I’ve been able to make myself eat anything. Even then, it feels very gross, and I can only consume very small amounts.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to manage my symptoms just by taking Tylenol, and my condition appears to be improving. The worst part, though, is being stuck at home but feeling too sick and exhausted to actually do anything except sit around and cough.

As I said, I’m one of the lucky ones: According to the doctors, I will most likely be fine in another week.

But trust me, people: This virus is real. You do NOT want it. And you do not want to be the one who gave it to someone else. Chances are, many of you are carrying it already, even if you don’t have any symptoms. (I most likely had it for at least a week before ever feeling sick.) Stay home, and wash your damn hands!

EDIT: I’m sure a lot of people are wondering how I was able to get tested. I found out that one of the ushers at a Broadway show I had attended tested positive for the virus. Because of this potentially direct exposure, combined with the fact that I had all the symptoms, and tested negative for flu, I was okayed for the Covid-19 test. I don’t think this is right, but at least here in New York City, that is how they are doing it.

Also: I am 47 years old, in decent physical shape with no preexisting health conditions.

After 14-day quarantine, 1% display symptoms afterwards
After 7-day quarantine, 21%

Incubation Period (N=181)
Median 5.1 (4.5-5.8) days to show symptoms
97.5% in 11.5 (8.2-15.6) days

People are contagious 2-3+ days before showing symptoms

Michael Priv
Michael Priv, Author of You’re a Psychic, the Healer’s Handbook

I am going through it now. At least I think that is the one I am going through and not some other flu. My wife and I had not been tested. I guess it could unfold differently for different people. I got my first symptoms on Saturday night between midnight and 1AM. The most important symptom was difficulties breathing. I had a swollen throat and my lungs were not fully with, so I could not take a full breath. As I kept trying to take a full breath, I started hyperventilating and panicking. I got myself through that but not fully and that is how the rest of my night went. I had no fever. My temp was 96.6. If I had a fever, I would have gone to the emergency room, but my temp was low the entire time.

Next day, Sunday, I felt like I had a bad flu, but I got my breathing under control and my temp came up to 97.1 and then to 97.6 and stayed there. My back started hurting. I had a problem with my kidneys.

On Monday I got things steadily improving until about 3PM (about a day and a half into it), when a friend on Facebook sent me a video of the hot air treatment. Apparently the virus dies in 133F or 56C. The video suggested breathing air from a blow drier on low for 5 minutes 5 times a day, spraying water on your face as needed throughout the procedure. Between 3PM and 1 AM yesterday I did the procedure 5 times and felt much better. I got a great night sleep.

Today I no longer felt sick but felt weak, sweaty and tired till about 7 PM. Now at about 8:30 PM I am full of energy, hungry and seem to have recovered except still a little dizzy. I did the hot air breathing 3 times today so far, will do two more tonight. Tomorrow I am planning to start working from home. I will stay in isolation through next weekend to make it full 7 days. My wife is also staying home, although she does not show any symptoms. We are both 59 years old. I personally think she already had this flu. She complained about a bit of a sore throat a couple of weeks ago. That must have been it for her and how I got it. Or maybe not.

I heal people at a distance, I am a psychic healer, but I never had to deal with a fly and never worked out any techniques for healing a flu. In this situation I used a couple of general techniques to improve things generally for myself. I kept the breathing-related panic at bay and kept the lungs, heart and kidneys kicking. That was not what handled it. The hot air treatment was the actual handling.

Lisa Merck –

“It’s nothing like I expected”

March 13, 2020 – Lisa Merck, 50, speaking out from self-isolation in Crested Butte, Colorado. She recently returned from a three-week trip to Hawaii. Lisa had a few sniffles during her travels, but when she returned home, she started experiencing some strong muscle aches.

She said it was like “someone was stabbing me with an ice pick.” Lisa started feeling nauseous and then came down with a fever. Shortness of breath and fatigue appeared and she later received a positive test result for coronavirus. From her experience, the muscle aches were the worst, but the shortness of breath and exhaustion were also intense.

Hillary Dianne –

“This is how it went down for me”

On March 11, Hillary Diane was discharged from the ER after her experience with suspected coronavirus went viral on Facebook.

Hillary lives in Massachusetts down the street from the Biogen conference site where over 70 people were infected and also traveled to NYC for business the week before.

She reportedly did not meet the CDC guidelines for having come in direct contact with someone who has confirmed tested positive, the hospital was not able to provide the test for COVID-19, due to a shortage in capacity at the MA Department of Public Health.

Hillary Diane came into close contact with a confirmed case of Coronavirus but was discharged home from the ER to self-quarantine

“This is how it went down for me:

  • Monday 3/9: slight tickle in my throat, and but thought nothing of it.
  • Tuesday 3/10: cough and shortness of breath started, worsened noticeably throughout the day. Body aches and general malaise started as well. Barely slept overnight due to coughing.
  • Wednesday 3/11: cough and shortness of breath are persistent, and here we are. I also do not have a fever but was told that high fever doesn’t present in all cases – Covid-19 manifests differently depending on age, general health and other existing conditions.”

This is going to be very disruptive to both my personal and professional life. But, my concern around this whole situation – beyond the scope of my personal experience – is the well-being of those who are more vulnerable.”

Hillary Dianne blogging from Massachusetts General Hospital

Carl Goldman

“When we got on the plane, I fell asleep next to my wife. Two hours later, I woke up with a 103-plus fever.

Carl Goldman, 67-years-old, was on the infamous Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan and left the ship to fly back to the United States. More than 700 people were diagnosed with Coronavirus. Carl and his wife left before the quarantine was lifted. Little did he know there was a birthday surprise waiting for him.

On his way back, Carl woke up from a nap with a 103-degree fever. While his fever broke by the time he reached America, he started experiencing massive body fatigue.

Carl fills his hours keeping up with his blog, staying on top of work for the radio station and FaceTiming with his wife, who was eventually released and is now back in California.

Carl Goldman while in biocontainment in Omaha, Nebraska

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