Blood Clot Mystery Linked to the Killing of Covid-19 Patients

Blood Clot Mystery Linked to the Killing of Covid-19 Patients

Are Blood Clots the Reason Why Covid19 Patients Are Dying

The mysterious blood clotting that is killing coronavirus patients. Once again exhibiting its high volatility, new evidence shows that the virus produces an alteration in the coagulation of some patients, generating thrombi.

An adult human being has on average between 4.5 and 5 liters of blood in the body, that is, between 8% and 10% of his body mass. Its role is fundamental, without blood there is no life. It carries the cells necessary to carry out vital functions, such as breathing.

The coronavirus continues to affect the world with an increase in Coronavirus cases and causes around 273,792 deaths in all countries. So far there is no cure for the disease and as the days go by, scientists discover new details of the virus that could complicate the situation of patients who are fighting for their lives.

As they revealed, more and more cases are reported of this deficiency presented in the blood vessels, which complicate the situation of the patients and put them at risk of death. Blood clotting a significant cause of death in COVID-19 patients.

Coronavirus Blood Clot Mystery Intensifies

blood clots in COVID-19 patients

Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, a mysterious complication associated with blood clotting arose, killing patients with the disease. The first alerts emerged in the network of hospitals of the Emory University Hospital Atlanta (USA) after the report of a doctor, who notes that one of his patients had a strange blood problem.

Despite being put on blood thinners; the patient was still developing clots. A second specialist said he had seen something similar, as had a third doctor. “That’s when we knew we had a big problem,” said Craig M. Coopersmith, a critical care surgeon.

In the U.S.A after some autopsies, according to The Washington Post, instead of finding evidence of pneumonia, they found small clots everywhere. Although there was no consensus on the reasons, many doctors in this country believe that clots could be responsible for a significant part of US deaths. The USA by Covid-19, possibly explaining why so many people are dying at home.

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Changes in Blood Coagulation in Patients With Severe Coronavirus Disease

People with coronavirus are at risk of blood clots and strokes

Coagulation in diseases such as the coronavirus is “very important. Clots increase the risk of death, ” Dr. Craig M Coopersmith, MD – Atlanta explains. The Third, in his Fact-Checking, already pointed out evidence that the virus had a link to thrombosis.

Clinical reports show that people with severe COVID-19 develop pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and multiple organ failure. The issue is a global concern. In Chile, Bronfman, hematologist, and oncologist at the Clinic explains that the situation, like everything related to the epidemic, is not entirely clear. “In a small group, which cannot yet be clearly defined, a very severe and violent inflammatory picture occurs, in which cytokines are activated, which are proteins produced by the immune system, which participate in inflammation and in the production of blood cells (hematopoiesis)”.

Eduardo Soto MD, an intensivist doctor argues that until now, mainly in China, some patients who have died had altered markers in their coagulation. “Later, in some autopsies in Italy, it was confirmed that some patients who died of coronavirus also had some thrombi and microthrombi in their lungs.”

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COVID 19: Abnormal Clotting Common in More Severe Disease

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Clinical Presentation

The infectious medicine doctor points out that one of the complications of infections, “is the activation of coagulation, characterized by increased generation of thrombosis and decreased anticoagulation of the body. thrombosis is a coagulation enzyme that converts fibrinogen into fibrin.

A hypothesis has been generated regarding the alterations caused by this disease. Indeed, it has been documented that the virus produces alterations in the coagulation system. This means that certain markers of coagulation can be altered.

In cases, where there is such a high, uncontrolled, and important production of these proteins, it is called a “ cytokine storm ”, which triggers inflammatory activation and the coagulation and anticoagulation process simultaneously. This very serious condition would be responsible for the formation of large and small thrombosis (clots inside the blood vessels) and hemorrhage, which have been observed in patients with severe evolution of the infection.

It is considered a risk factor. “Until now yes. The COVID-19 disease has an associated risk factor in coagulation, which exposes patients to develop thrombosis more easily, “states the professional.

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Blood Clotting Significant Cause of Death in COVID-19 Patients

The first samples came from Atlanta, where more and more doctors make up Team COVID of the 10 hospitals grouped in the Emory University health system who reported the same complication: a strange blood problem.

Despite being given blood thinners, they continued to develop unusual clots. When all the professionals reported on identical scenarios, Craig Coopersmith, the team leader, said: “It was the time when we knew we had a big problem.” The same was happening in other health centers.

However, the novelty brought with it another complication. Most of the professionals who were prepared to fight the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus had other types of aggravations in mind: lung, kidney, brain, heart, intestine, liver problems… but not in the blood.

Concern grows among health professionals that some raised the controversial possibility of giving preventive anticoagulants to all COVID-19 sufferers, including those who are well enough to remain at home while fully recovering.

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COVID-19: What the Autopsies Reveal

But, the cases registered in Atlanta are not the only ones. As revealed by doctors who treated these types of complications, autopsies around the world show that the lungs of the coronavirus fatalities had hundreds of micro clots inside them instead of what they usually see when treating pneumonia.

Some of them, “wandering”, in certain cases traveled to the patients’ heads or hearts, causing heart attacks or brain hemorrhages.

“The problem we have is that while we understand that there is a clot, we still do not understand why there is a clot. We do not know. And therefore we are afraid,” Dr. Lewis Kaplan, a physician at the University of Pennsylvania and head of the Society for Critical Care Medicine, told The Washington Post. Coopersmith agrees: “There is a universal understanding that this is different.”

So far, doctors continue to investigate what happened, because this would explain that many people are dying at home from abrupt changes in their body. To minimize the transmission of infectious diseases, it is our duty that we follow COVID 19 Prevention & Control Tips.

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